Who We Are

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Established in 2011, Institute for Health Measurement (IHM) Southern Africa is a non-governmental organization dedicated to strengthening health systems, developing innovative solutions and providing technical support and to programmes in the Southern African Region.

We are a team of African professionals, knowledgeable about health informatics, information technology and social science innovations the world over, and we are also experienced in working in developing-country contexts. 


We see communities in Southern Africa having a high standard of living and their people living healthy lives as a result of information ownership.


We provide technical assistance solutions in both regional and local contexts to bring tested and proven strategic information expertise to improve the delivery of public services through collaborative approaches with governments, organizations, and communities.

IHM Southern Africa S.O.A.R

At IHM Southern Africa, we use the Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Results (SOAR) analysis as a strategic planning tool that focuses on our current strengths and vision of the future for developing our strategic goals.


  • Have a dynamic and enthusiastic management team, functioning in an encouraging and open environment.
  • Maintain business systems that promote the success of the staff.
  • Successful business development capacity – IHM was awarded the 2015 ESI Award for technical competencies.
  • Provide good solutions to client problems drawing on experience and offering new and innovative ideas.
  • Communicate well internally.
  • Apply clear systems standards previously established.

Applying these strengths, IHM's leadership and staff demonstrate that the organization has a solid base for future operations and business growth Opportunities.


IHM Southern Africa and maintains excellent relationships with the Ministry of Health in Swaziland and USAID as well as other funders, including the World Bank. These relationships allow us to pursue the following opportunities for growth:

  • Technical competencies. IHM has technical competencies in research, data mining and analytics, M&E and strengthening health information systems that can be easily accessed and employed through a number of funding vehicles.
  • Excellence and reputation. IHM has demonstrated through the excellence of performance on past projects that its experience can be applied to new challenges. The group’s expertise can be employed valuably in other sectors and other countries.
  • Increase funding portfolio. With the backing of USAID and government entities, IHM has an opportunity to attract other donors and respond effectively to new bids.
  • Enabling environment. The enabling environment that exists in the organization allows staff to work freely and share their competencies with other staff members. The opportunity exists to hire new people to expand its workforce in response to demands.
  • Human resources/staffing growth. IHM is committed to offering opportunities for advancement and professional learning and growth to staff.


Other organizational aspirations include:

  • Becoming a lead implementing partner.
  • Maintaining high quality standards in strategic information management.
  • Becoming a recognized center of excellence.
  • Creating a reputation in Southern Africa in analytics and Strategic Information management.
  • Remaining a fiscally sound and financially successful business.
  • Attracting, developing, and retaining talent: high-quality and competent staff.
  • Becoming an employer of choice.


Our results areas include the following:

  • Developing human resources, staffing, and professional development.
  • Mobilizing resources, including funding and infrastructure.
  • Maintaining quality of performance.
  • Improving and expanding quality and delivery methods for communication with stakeholders, especially in marketing to donors.
  • Expanding the application of technical solutions that IHM has already implemented.