About IDeAs

IDeAS (Integrated Decisions and Analytics Support) is a collaboration between the CDC, the Zambian Ministry of Health and a consortium led by BroadReach to develop and deploy integrated patient management systems, delivering better treatment services, including for people living with HIV and AIDS, boosting overall clinical and public health outcomes in Zambia. Its focus is on SmartCare, the electronic health record system which seeks to implementing smart technology in healthcare facilities to improve the coordination of patient care.

What SmartCare is

1.A fully integrated electronic health record system to provide continuity of care 2.A clinical management information system at the facility and district (management/admin) level
3.A key component in ‘one National M&E system’

Initially a patient tracking system, SmartCare has in recent years evolved and has become a fully-fledged EHR covering nearly all service delivery areas for a typical health care facility in Zambia. Institute for Health Measurement Southern Africa (IHM) has been part of a consortium of partners implementing the Integrated Decision Analytics Support (IDeAS) project funded by PEPFAR via the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through a Sub Award for FY21. The goal of the IDeAS project is to enhance the capacity of the Government of Zambia Ministry of Health, to improve health information integration, interoperability, insight and impact for the Zambian health system used by Health Care Workers (HCWs), to improve health care delivery, and to achieve epidemiological control of HIV/TB in Zambia. At the core of the IDeAS project is the roll out of SmartCare (SC), which is a patient-based information system developed to provide uniquely identifiable data, to accurately inform health decisions, thereby impacting the lives of the Zambian people.