About us

Originally established as part of a broader Southern Africa region focused group, Institute for Health Measurement Southern Africa is a locally registered and owned organization working primarily to strengthen health systems for public health programs in Southern Africa. We provide high- quality health informatics technical assistance and analytical insights, program design and management expertise, and develop innovative solutions for public health programs. IHM works on an ethos that is based on applying local competencies in leveraging simple but empowering technical solutions to Africa’s public health systems. The IHM team in Zambia and Swaziland comprises a team of experienced but recognized health experts from across the Southern Africa region who have built good working relationships and networks with key organization and institutions in the region.

Our Vision

We see communities in Southern Africa having a high standard of living and their people living healthy lives as a result of information ownership.

Our Mission

To provide technical assistance solutions in both regional and local contexts to bring tested and proven strategic information expertise to improve the delivery of public services through collaborative approaches with governments, organizations, and communities.

Our Values

IHM staff share certain values and are guided by our mission, which we strive to fulfill every day:
Energy, Vibrancy, Charisma, Hope, Resilience, Trust.